Public Sector

Illuminator PS

Illuminator PS

Data driven spend analysis for the public sector

Illuminator PS aggregates and categorises actual invoice data disclosed by over 1000 public sector organisations, including councils, NHS trusts, CCG’s, Emergency Services, and government departments.

Illuminator PS is used by Public Sector Commissioners, who want to understand what their current and potential suppliers are charging other clients, and to see how their own spending ranks against their peers.

Subscribers to illuminator can analyse expenditure:

  • By Market
  • By Supplier
  • By Organisation (Government Department, Council, NHS Trust etc)

Public Sector commissioners use it to:

  • Reduce risk by understanding where they would rank in a supplier’s client list, before they award a contract which is disproportionately too big or too small
  • Improve Category Management by giving detailed information about how the suppliers and commissioners rank in each market
  • Manage suppliers more effectively, by identifying other commissioners with whom they can collaborate to manage a common supplier

Illuminator provides provides high quality Public Sector Market Insight which drives strategy and commissioning decisions in the public sector.

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