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Porge helps commissioners and procurement professionals in the public sector save time and money.

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Illuminator PS

Illuminator PS aggregates and categorises actual invoice data disclosed by over 1000 public sector organisations, including councils, NHS trusts, CCG’s, Emergency Services, and government departments. It is the most accurate and up to date source of public sector spend data.

Public Sector commissioners, procurement professionals, and category managers use it see how much current and potential suppliers have been paid by their other public sector clients. This helps them to manage existing suppliers better, and it helps them make wiser contract award decisions.

Illuminator PS also shows spend against category, so public sector bodies can see if their own spend is consistent with that of their comparable peers.

Our evidence based Public Sector Market Insight helps councils make better commissioning decisions.


Collaborator provides early sight of emerging public sector procurements. This enables commissioners to join forces with other public sector bodies, and undertake collaborative procurements. Where collaboration isn’t the preferred route commissioners can still gain advantage by identifying peer organisations who have recently undertaken relevant procurements, and hence open up opportunities to share experience, knowledge, specifications and contract documents.

Collaborator speeds up public sector procurements, by enabling organisations to share successful strategies and specifications. It helps reduce procurement cost by enabling the public sector to share tender documentation. It improves tender outcomes by learning from the mistakes of other commissioners.

Our evidence based Public Sector Market Insight helps councils make better commissioning decisions.

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The Porge service is of significant value and is a key source of market insight and opportunities for BT in the Public Sector.

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