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Public Sector Market Insight

Prospector is a Public Sector Market Insight tool which provides subscribers with several months head start on formal procurement start dates, enabling them to get ahead of the pack. Prospector has a number of modules, which focus on different markets, and subscribers chose to subscribe to as many, or as few, as they need. These markets are:


ICT is the catalyst for change in many Councils with its significant cost-saving potential.

Public Sector spending is under pressure. Local Authorities and the NHS understand that they can save substantial amounts of money by outsourcing a wide range of corporate services, such as ICT, Payroll, HR, Customer Service and Revenues & Benefits.

A case in point is the integration of the front and back offices, a streamlining measure which enables efficient resolution of customer queries. Further cost-saving business cases are being made for enterprise architecture, cloud computing, client and server virtualization.

Most of the leading ICT & BPO companies in the UK already subscribe to Porge’s accurate and factual market insight.

For many years we have been providing informed analysis months in advance of official tender announcements to help identify emerging opportunities, and create confident, detailed sales strategies for:

  • Transformation Programmes
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) of ICT, Payroll, Pensions, Revenues & Benefits Services
  • Access to Services - CRM, Contact Centre, Front-Back Office integration
  • Network Infrastructure & Services - Voice, Data, VoIP and Cloud Computing Projects
  • Corporate ICT Systems - Payroll, Finance Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Electronic Document and Records Management Systems (EDRMS)
  • Specialised ICT software projects particularly in relation to Health and Social Care (e.g. Digital Integrated Care Records)

Health & Care

The integration of Health and Social Care has transformed the NHS into a vibrant new market.

The NHS is embarking on a transformation programme, which will result in a mixed economy of service providers. Services that were previously only provided by the NHS have now been opened up to the private sector. Prospector gives our subscribers early sight of these emerging procurements, and enables them to create compelling bids by giving them detailed insight into the commissioning organisations.

Porge can help both the private sector and the NHS identify and track emerging opportunities.

Our Health and Care module covers the following topics:

  • Primary Care and Community Health Services
  • Residential Care
  • Transformation and Back Office Outsourcing
  • Domiciliary Care
  • Telecare and Telehealth

Highways & Transport

Highways budgets are facing significant cuts and Councils want to know how the private sector can help.

The country’s Highways are being used more than ever and many Local Authorities describe their road networks as being in a state of “managed decline”. With responsibility for 98% of our roads, Councils require investment to reverse this decline and are turning to the private sector for efficient management of their highways.

The private sector turns to Porge for highly reliable market intelligence.

Porge’s subscribers can quickly identify Councils whose highways maintenance contracts are due for renewal, along with information about the costs and performance of current suppliers. We provide detailed knowledge of Council Highways procurement opportunities, including:

  • Highways Maintenance - term contracts, Managing Agent Contractors (MAC), outsourcing and PFI projects
  • Highways, Engineering & Transport Consultancy
  • Local Authority Highways Construction Projects
  • Construction of Transport Schemes (Trams, Guided Busway, Park & Ride)
  • Transformation programmes that relate to Highways and Transport Services

Waste & Environment

Councils are increasingly turning to the private sector for Waste, Environmental Services, Low Carbon and Renewable Energy projects.

The country is producing more waste but Council budgets are shrinking

The efficient management of waste is an urgent priority for Local Authorities in a climate of increasing volumes, budget cuts and environmental constraints. Creative solutions from the private sector are sought and Porge’s insight can help suppliers target the Councils who need the most help.

Porge provides accurate and timely intelligence about Councils’ climate change, carbon and waste management plans

Our in depth research and Local Authority intelligence in Environment and Waste contract opportunities is of real value in helping suppliers to get ahead in this new market, and includes:

  • Waste Collection Outsourcing
  • Waste Recycling Outsourcing and Household Waste Recycling (HWRC) management
  • Waste Processing (Landfill, Residual Waste Treatment, Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT))
  • Energy from Waste (EfW) and Combined Heat & Power (CHP)
  • Construction of Household Waste Recycling Centres
  • Solar Farm Projects
  • Grounds Maintenance Contract Opportunities
  • Transformation Programmes that relate to the Environment & Waste Services

Building Services

Efficient management and maintenance of Property and Housing is seen by Councils and the NHS as a useful cost-saving tool.

Councils and NHS Trusts need to make substantial savings, but need to ensure that front line services are not detrimentally effected. Getting more from existing assets, and saving money by outsourcing FM and asset management are attractive options.

Consolidating multiple service contracts into integrated packages are popular savings measures.

Our services provide the detailed intelligence required by suppliers to evaluate, target and secure Council and NHS contracts

Porge subscribers use our services to find out about Councils’ and NHS Trust’s asset management and FM strategies, along with details of current contracts. With this level of insight and information, our subscribers create compelling business cases which persuade Councils to commission their services for varied contracts, including:

  • FM contracts - renewal of existing contracts, and new outsourcing opportunities
  • Emerging Total FM opportunities
  • Catering Services
  • Cleaning Services
  • Property Maintenance
  • Security, CCTV, Parking and Enforcement Services
  • Outsourcing of Corporate Property Services
  • Property related Consultancy
  • Transformation programmes that relate to Property & FM

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