Private Sector

Porge has been helping the private sector engage with the public sector since 1999. We offer 2 services:


It is widely recognised that the chances of winning a tender are greatly increased if you have engaged with the buying organisation prior to submitting a tender. Although public sector procurements are advertised openly, any engagement with the buyers is restricted and controlled during the procurement. The active, persuasive, and useful conversations take place before the tender process starts.

Our evidence based Public Sector Market Insight helps the Private Sector engage with public sector commissioners at an earlier stage, and hence win more tenders. Porge’s Prospector service gives its subscribers several months headstart on the formal procurement start dates. It enables them to get in ahead of the pack.

The Prospector service has a number of modules, which focus on different markets. Users chose to subscribe to as many, or as few as they need.


Illuminator gives a “real time” market view based on the analysis of actual invoices paid by the public sector. It is recognised as the most accurate and up-to-date source of public sector spend data available. It shows what every supplier is earning and what every organisation is spending. A really useful tool for helping you to pitch bid prices well, and for understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.

Our evidence based Public Sector Market Insight helps the Private Sector engage more successfully with the Public Sector.

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