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Porge has been helping councils to improve their supplier management and make better commissioning decisions for many years. Now, with COVID-19 continuing to present local authorities with all kinds of unprecedented challenges, Porge data is helping councils to ensure they are offering the correct support to their suppliers and local economies through new additional services from Oxygen Finance.

Thanks to Porge’s comprehensive Illuminator public sector spend analysis tool, Oxygen is able to rapidly analyse a council’s supplier base, identifying suppliers by category, scale/size, location and trading history. This Analysis and Support service can then inform which suppliers should be considered for improved payment terms, with a bespoke report presented and highest-risk suppliers being identified through further dialogue with the authority. Oxygen is then able to provide support with the alignment of payments terms to the recommendations developed during the analysis.

With many small and local businesses suffering greatly from the impact of COVID-19, Oxygen’s Supplier Resilience Service aims to help councils to protect their local economy by providing a targeted identification and recommendation process for their small, local and most “at-risk” suppliers. This allows councils to take swift action to put protective measures in place where suppliers are potentially at risk of financial distress or non-delivery. Suppliers are segmented into three tiers of high, medium or low interest based on a number of key criteria, with those of higher interest receiving a deeper level of service.

With councils all over the country going to great lengths to support businesses in these uncertain times, Porge is proud to be able to support local authorities with the increasingly important need for effective and informed supplier management.

by Martin Holmes

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