2019/20 - The Emerging Council Spend Picture

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With the calendar year drawing to a close, we used Porge’s Illuminator public sector spend analysis tool to take a look at the emerging 2019/20 local authority spend picture across the five major markets of Buildings, Health & Social Care, Highways, ICT & BPO and Waste & Environment.

When comparing spend up to the end of August 2019 with the same time in the previous financial year, overall spend on goods and services by councils in England is shown to have increased by 6.56%. Alongside this, spend with the private sector is also shown to have increased and even out-strips the overall growth rate, rising by almost 7%.

However, although our five major markets mentioned above all saw spend increases of their own, not all of them kept up with the trend set by the wider local government market:

Buildings Market


Council spend on buildings-related services, such as construction and property maintenance, increased by just over 1%. Spend with the private sector increased by 1.68%.

Health & Social Care Market


Council spend on health and social care increased by 7.45%, with spend with the private sector rising by 7.86%.

Highways & Transport Market


Council spend on highways and transport services was 3.21% higher than in the previous financial year, whilst spend with the private sector increased by 4.76%.

ICT & BPO Market


Spend by councils on ICT & business process outsourcing (BPO) was 7.61% up on the previous financial year. However, this market was one of two in which the rate of spend with the private sector failed to keep up, rising by 5.94%.

Waste & Environment Market


Council spend on waste and environment services increased by 6.24%, although spend with the private sector only saw an increase of 3.35%.

Illuminator adds up and categorises the invoice data disclosed by over 1100 public sector organisations and offers the most accurate and up-to-date source of public sector spend data. Our dedicated Illuminator team have categorised almost 8 million invoices so far this financial year and, while a four month “buffer” is applied to the data used above to ensure that it is complete, the chart below demonstrates how the early trajectory set by local authority spend tends to be maintained:

Local Government Spend by Financial Year

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by Martin Holmes

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