The Value of Insight and Collaboration in 2019

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2019 looks set to be an interesting year for local authorities. With government funding dwindling, councils are being forced to look closely at how they can raise and save – as well as how they spend – money, with several having already proposed scaled-down “core” offers of services that residents can realistically expect to receive going forwards.

Porge offers two services that are essentially about helping councils to save money. Our Illuminator service aggregates and categorises actual invoice data disclosed by well over 1000 public sector bodies and has long been helping councils to make better commissioning decisions. Knowing how much current and potential suppliers have been paid by other public sector organisations is invaluable when it comes to making contract award decisions, whilst Illuminator also allows councils to see if their own spend is consistent with that of their comparable peers by showing spend against category across nine separate markets.

A slightly newer addition is our Collaborator service, which provides councils with early sight of emerging procurements being planned by their peers. This helps councils to join forces and undertake collaborative procurements, whilst also allowing individual authorities to identify other councils that have recently undertaken similar procurement processes to the one they are planning, opening up opportunities to share knowledge, specifications and contract documents. The result is that public sector procurements are quicker, more effective and cheaper.

As funding reduces and belts are tightened, every penny spent by the public sector will demand proper scrutiny and informed oversight. Councils have thousands of supplier relationships that need careful management and our services help local authorities to better identify these and manage any associated risks.

We believe that the best way for councils to take on whatever challenges this year may bring is to be equipped with evidence-based facts, figures and insight. Contact us today to find out more about how our Public Sector Market Insight services could help.

by Martin Holmes

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