Has proper oversight of Social Care Providers ever been so important?

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Social care has long been the biggest pressure on council budgets, with local government spend in this area having increased by over £4Bn in the last five years alone. Councils spend a significant amount of money with independent care providers (around 27.5% of all English local authority spend on goods and services in 2017/18) and, with the Local Government Association warning that “almost 60p of every £1 paid in council tax could have to be spent on social care” by 2019/20, proper understanding and management of these providers has probably never been more important.

Porge’s Public Sector Market Insight services help councils to manage the risk associated with their external service providers. Our accurate, evidence-based data can help local authorities to manage existing suppliers better, spot failing suppliers before it’s too late and make better commissioning decisions.

The chart below shows the top 10 independent providers of outsourced Health and Social Care services to councils in England during 2017/18 (note that this data does not include public sector providers and “redacted” spend):

The next chart shows how public sector spend with one of these providers – Dimensions UK - has increased significantly in recent years:

Porge has data like this on all local authority suppliers. As well as showing how a supplier’s public sector earnings are faring, our Illuminator service also provides ranked lists of suppliers by category, tells a council exactly where it stands in each supplier’s public sector client list and shows which other authorities are using the same supplier and how much they are paying. This allows councils to know how critical their contract is to the supplier and whether they are paying more or less than their peers, equipping them with valuable information when it comes to procuring and awarding contracts.

To find out more about how Porge can help you to make better commissioning decisions, contact us today.

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