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Porge is excited to announce that, on 3rd August 2018, it was acquired by Oxygen Finance Group Ltd. Having long been an admirer of Porge, the move enables Oxygen Finance to achieve its ambition of adding market-leading analytics to its service offer.

Oxygen Finance is the Leading Early Payment Provider to the UK Public Sector and therefore has strong relationships with both councils and the supply chain that services councils. The acquisition of Porge brings together two companies that are leaders in their respective markets and the combination of their services, skills and unique technologies creates a compelling suite of solutions for both the Public Sector and the companies that serve the Public Sector.

Alice Watson, founder of Porge Ltd, said: “Many years ago I worked for an ICT provider that operated in the Public Sector. I needed accurate, actionable insight and all I could ever find was partisan and often biased press reports. So 19 years ago I set up Porge to fill that gap. All Porge’s insight is tethered on solid evidence bases - namely invoice records, contract records and meeting papers. We don’t regurgitate opinion; we deliver substantive facts.

“Over the years I’ve worked with some brilliant staff and lovely customers. It’s been hard work, but also a lot of fun. I’m enormously proud of what we’ve achieved and I’m looking forward to seeing Porge reach new levels of success with the support and guidance of Oxygen Finance.”

Although the move offers exciting opportunities for both organisations, it’s business as usual for Porge in terms of supplying valuable Public Sector Market Insight services to its clients. With no change operationally, the company will retain its identity and staff and will remain at its Royal Crescent offices in Cheltenham.

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