What's happening to Public Sector Spending?

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Brexit. Trump. Strange Times indeed. Investors are confused. Private Sector companies wonder if providing services to the Public Sector is worth the effort. But if we put the worries aside, what do the actual facts tell us?

  • The emerging picture for 17/18 indicates that overall, the amount that the public sector are spending on bought in services is similar to 16/17
  • If you’re in the Building Market, Local Government spending has held up better than Central Government’s
  • Back Office Outsourcing expenditure has reduced significantly across the whole of the public sector
  • Smaller ICT Companies are faring better than large ones
  • Expenditure on Professional Services has increased significantly across the Public Sector
  • Spending on Waste and Highways is fairly steady
  • Expenditure on Health & Social Care continues to rise

This is just the big picture. If you need a more detailed view, we can drill into approximately 200 categories of expenditure, and show you the position in each of those micro markets.

Our tip for 2018? Stop worrying about the market, and equip yourself with evidence based facts.

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