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Procrastination is a test that we all face, especially when the deadline is in a space of time of years. Local authorities are targeted with meeting 33% of their procurements to be with SMEs by 2020 and with all of the challenges that businesses of all sizes and the public sector are facing right now, it may not seem like a priority.

However, the alternative about being taken to task about it three years down the line is something that may strike you with a stab of panic – either in the middle of a meeting or in the supermarket.

If someone asked you today – what percentage is your local authority spending with local SMEs? – Could you find out in less than three clicks – or would you have to appeal to the Finance Team for a report? With Porge’s Illuminator, not only can you see the spending of 1,000 public sector organisations and the suppliers that they spend with, but you can also look at your own spending in the ‘bigger picture’.

Spend Analysis is big news in the Public Sector right now and with pressure on organisations to transform their procurement policies, you need a simple to use, but powerful tool to hand.

Using the ‘My Organisation’ tab, you can find out your spending with companies by size and region. No requests to the Finance Team for information, no data to have to analyse and sort. Everything there in one place.

If you would like to find out more about how Porge Research can help you understand your authority’s spend with data-driven market insight, then contact us today.

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